There are a number of captivating geothermal parks to choose from in this region. All will fascinate and delight. The first thing you'll notice about geothermal parks is the smell of sulphur and whilst its not enjoyed by all, it is one of the volcanic by-products that make this area unique. Gushing geysers, bubbling mud, steaming cracks in the ground and boiling pools of mineral rich water make this region a must see travel destination. Additionally, this is the place to engage with New Zealands' rich Maori culture. Enjoy traditional dance and song, haka (war dance) and hangi (Maori feast) and see students learn the art of carving and weaving from their elders (Te Puia and Whakarewarewa only).
1. Te Puia


At Te Puia you'll enjoy a 1 hour guided tour to witness the spectacular Pohutu geyser and a whole collection of geothermal activity. You can meet our National icon, the kiwi bird and see them forage for food. Then take a glimpse into the past and learn about our cultural heritage watching talented young men carve magnificent masterpieces and see the woman weaving using the traditional methods of their ancestors. There's a spectacular cultural show inside the beautifully carved meeting house which is a rare treat.

2. Orakei Korako


If it's untouched nature, spectacular colours and breathtaking beauty that you are after, then a meander through 'The Hidden Valley' that is Orakei Karako is just perfect. This valley has remained almost completely unchanged for thousands of years. On your self guided tour of the park, you'll be up close to the hot water flowing over the silica terraces and boiling pools, all from the safety of the walkways. You'll even see a rare geothermal cave, coupled with panoramic views through the stunning native bush. At Orakei Karako, you will experience a sense of timelessness. After enjoying the short boat ride across the lake, you'll love the serenity and beauty of this picturesque geothermal area. 

3. Whakarewarewa


Whakarewarewa is a living Maori village where the Tuhourangi Ngati Wahiao people have lived for centuries. They open their doors to guide you through their everyday life in the geothermal area that is Whakarewarewa. You'll enjoy a guided 1 hour tour around the living village, learning about the local people and how they live within this active geothermal area. You'll see the Geysers and witness boiling mineral springs and learn how the local people use the natural landscape to cook, clean and bathe. You can even purchase corn on the cob, cooked in the mineral spring water (extra cost). This will be followed by a unique Maori culture performance demonstrating cultural song and dance. You might find yourself learning the famous haka or a beautiful poi dance. 

4. Wai-O-Tapu Thermal Wonderland


Wai-O-Tapu is New Zealand's most colourful and diverse volcanic area. The self guided walk takes visitors on a journey through stunning geothermal activity which is spectacular and unforgettable. You'll find the most amazing colours and a panorama of pools and hissing fumaroles. The champagne pool is unique and you won't want to miss the Lady Knox geyser which spouts daily to heights of up to 20 metres. 

5. Waimangu

Waimaungu is the youngest of all of the geothermal parks in the world. It was created during the 1886 eruption of Mt Tarawera and is an easy 2 hour downhill stroll through the geothermal valley to Lake Rotomahana. Along the way, you'll see the beautiful Inferno Crater Lake and Frying Pan Lake which is the largest hot spring in the world. Once you get to the lake, you can either catch the free shuttle bus back to where you started, or take a 45 minute boat trip on the lake. Waimangu is a scenic reserve and a wildlife refuge protected from development or exploitation.



Door to door transportation, guide, informative commentary and all entry fees. We supply complimentary sun screen and loan umbrella's during inclement weather.
TE PUIA (Incl concert)
3 or more Pax - $140
2 Pax - $178 pp
1 Pax - $294 pp
Child - $27 pp
TE PUIA (No concert)
3 or more Pax - $128.00 pp
2 Pax - $166 pp
1 Pax - $281 pp
Child - $24.30
Family - $399 (2Adults + 4 Children)
ORAKEI KORAKO(Incl 3 hour Taupo Sights)
3 or more Pax - $140 pp 
2 Pax - $175 pp
1 Pax - $215 pp
3 or more Pax - $99 pp
2 Pax - $134 pp
1 Pax - $174 pp
3 or more Pax - 120 pp
2 Pax - $156 pp
1 Pax - $271 pp
Child - $15.75 pp
Family - $332
3 or more Pax - 110 pp
2 Pax - $139 pp
1 Pax - $243 pp
Child - $11 pp
Family - $297
WAIMAUNGU(Incl. Boat Cruise)
3 or more Pax - $144 pp
2 Pax - $175 pp
1 Pax - 270 pp
3 or more PAX - $110 pp
2 Pax - $145 pp
1 Pax - $210 pp 

You'll need to bring money for lunch and an ice cream and

wear comfortable walking shoes. We recommend you bring a hat to protect yourself from the elements because it can be quite cold in the winter and hot in the summer. A good camera is a must or a good phone that takes spectacular photos. Get set for a great day out with your guide and driver, Alex.




These tours will take anywhere from 4 - 6 hours.

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